Municipal Bonds: An Investment with Tax Breaks

Everybody likes getting something for free, and taxes are no different. Investing in securities like municipal bonds (sometimes referred to by the nickname “munis”) or municipal bond funds generates tax-free interest income. Here is what you need to know. Tax advantages of municipal bonds You pay zero federal tax on municipal bond investment income. DependingRead more about Municipal Bonds: An Investment with Tax Breaks[…]

How to Maximize Deductions for Assisted Living

It’s possible that someone in your family will need assisted living care at some point in their life. This care can be at an assisted living facility, a nursing home, or in their own home. Often, assisted living care is expensive and not fully reimbursable by typical health insurance policies. Thankfully, there is a medicalRead more about How to Maximize Deductions for Assisted Living[…]

Cash Flow Tips for Small Businesses

It’s sad, but true: Half of all new businesses fail within the first five years. Although lots of factors contribute to business failure, a common culprit is poor cash management. All businesses must deal with the uncertainty of fluctuating sales, inventories and expenses, but managing these risks is especially important for small businesses with limitedRead more about Cash Flow Tips for Small Businesses[…]

Retirement Basics: Understanding Tax Efficiency

One of the basics in retirement is to be as tax efficient with your income as possible. In 2019, income tax rates range from 0% to 37%, plus a potential 3.8% net investment tax. Understanding how these progressive tax rates apply to ordinary income creates planning opportunities in retirement. The basic concept Many retirees haveRead more about Retirement Basics: Understanding Tax Efficiency[…]