Gifts of Stock

If you own shares of stock that have increased in value, one way to avoid a taxable gain is to gift them to another. Although it’s simple in concept, gifting stock does have some tax consequences to consider. Value of the gift When you gift stock there are not one, but two values to consider.Read more about Gifts of Stock[…]

New Quicker Fix for Missing and Incorrect Stimulus Payments

Are you still waiting for your Economic Impact Payment? Did you get your payment but it was for the wrong amount? The IRS initially said you needed to wait until filing your 2020 tax return to resolve these sorts of issues, but they recently revised that stance and have established procedures to help correct paymentRead more about New Quicker Fix for Missing and Incorrect Stimulus Payments[…]

Be Prepared for Pandemic Tax Surprises

Several new laws provide economic relief to individuals and businesses hardest hit by this year’s pandemic. This much-needed financial assistance, however, comes with a few strings attached. Here are three potential surprises you should be prepared for if you use the available economic relief packages: Getting a tax bill for unemployment benefits. While the $1,200Read more about Be Prepared for Pandemic Tax Surprises[…]