US Tax Compliance and Planning

If you are from the USA you are generally are required to file a income tax return – even if the source of the income is outside the USA. You also have a requirement to disclose your bank accounts, corporations and other foreign assets. For many US taxpayers, this can be overwhelming and their are few resources in Costa Rica to help you.

Do any of these apply to You?

  • Are you from the USA and living in Costa Rica?
  • Do you live in the US but have property and investments in Costa Rica?
  • Are you behind in your US tax filings?
  • Have you filed your US taxes but realize you have not filed certain foreign disclosures (i.e. FBARS, FATCA, Foreign Corporations and Trusts).
  • Do you want to learn how to reduce your tax obligations?

If you are looking for a new tax and accounting relationship to resolve some of these issues or want to learn more about your tax obligations, please contact us for a free one hour consultation on how we can help you to have your US/CR expat taxes prepared by a licensed US CPA.